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Trumpet Discussion Discuss yamaha year info! in the General forums; My 12 yr old son is loving band, and I want to look for a used trumpet for him. I ...
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    Talking yamaha year info!

    My 12 yr old son is loving band, and I want to look for a used trumpet for him. I know Yamahas are good for beginner, but don't want an ancient one. Any way of determinig year through the serial number - I've tried a lot of sites, but can't find anything. Help is appreciated for my aspiring musician! Thank You!

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    Re: yamaha year info!

    Hi , this subject has come up often and apparently Yamaha never kept serial numbers in relation to build dates. They did use a "A" in the serial if it was made in America. I think you would be better off evaluating by condition and model number YTR..... 232 and later 2320's are most common student models and there are zillions out there. Condition and playabilty are more important than age. Maybe there is a list when various model were made. If you can have one evauated by a tech and it ok, then it should be good for your child and great you are encouraging and helping him get a proper start.
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