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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Young Student Motivation in the General forums; Ed, he's almost 13 which is part of the issue. But I think Mark hit the nail on the head ...
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    Re: Young Student Motivation

    Ed, he's almost 13 which is part of the issue. But I think Mark hit the nail on the head earlier. The issue is that I haven't set the standard that he will practice at these times, etc.


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    Re: Young Student Motivation

    I'm not sure if it makes any difference, but when I was 12, I was pretty good, but essentially not motivated.
    It wasn't until I got to HS and heard the lead trumpeter play. It was at that point I set a goal to be lead trumpeter.

    That was my motivation - I did EVERYTHING I could to increase endurance, technique, and range. I didn't have a private trumpet teacher (I took Piano until my senior year), so I probably overdid much of it (especially with breath control and range).

    I think your son needs that sort of motivation - it might be that "ah ha!" turning point that pushes him to better himself.
    Like others have said, a private teacher (or a parent) can only foster the environment for motivation. Ultimately your son will either improve or not, based on what HE wants.

    My own opinion here, but as much as you would love to have him grow to be a "beast," that needs to come from within him. You can light a fire, but HE must make it catch and burn.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Young Student Motivation

    cfkid, IMO your child is challenging the wall of the "mirrors of life" and such is NOT and amusement park still the "images" he sees tend to warp. Example, the first "mirror" = teeth. If you haven't been there yourself, step aside and say nothing. Second "mirror" = puberty, and that's a personal experience that even forensics leaves no evidence of. Third "mirror" = current public school music programs: for my own safety I best not mention anything about. Etc., etc.

    I do like the "mirror" perception, because if one doesn't look in the mirror and know they are the best at how they look and act; how should they expect others to respond to them.

    At least flute, clarinet and tenor sax are also Bb instruments. Our school instructor/high school director is a piano performance major and participating in the Teachers for America program. What I'd like to state is quashed also.

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    Re: Young Student Motivation

    I lost a student that age once to a teacher who did the same stuff as I did, he just moved the kid through it quicker. The kid loved it.

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