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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Your Coolest Playing Experience in the General forums; I've been lucky to have a lot of really cool experieinces with different artists and celebrities, but one probably stands ...
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    Re: Your Coolest Playing Experience

    I've been lucky to have a lot of really cool experieinces with different artists and celebrities, but one probably stands out as making me feel down right "giddy". Wynton played a benefit concert at a local university a couple of years ago to help raise money for the jazz band to take a trip to Africa. I've heard him live many times, but as good as I knew he was, the first note out of his horn was even better than I could believe. He played some unbelievable solos and then he joined the section for a couple of tunes. That's when it dawned on me that I was playing in the section with Wynton Marsalis!!!

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    Re: Your Coolest Playing Experience

    I play in a wing ensemble or maybe we're big enough to be a band. Somebody in the band knew someone at carnegie hall so when they had a cancellation, they asked us to come and perform. We didn't get paid but, we didn't pay them for the hall either.

    It was some kind of tour company that sells trips to carnegie to play and also does trips for people that include a concert at carnage. They make out on both sides.

    We went in and played for some band from California that cancelled. We played to a full house for half of the concert. The second half was the National Festival Orchestra. Conducted by Lukas Foss. A student group from all across where ever.

    After I played I went into the hall to listen and when it was over on my way out I heard people talking about how much they liked the band.

    That is second to the first time I played a concert with one of my kids
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    Re: Your Coolest Playing Experience

    Playing the Haydn in Carnegie in '02.... or Haydn with SPCO. that was fun!
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    Re: Your Coolest Playing Experience

    My first year in the military I was in Germany and played Taps at Normandy. It was such an amazing feeling to look out over the beach and know that I was standing in a place where the history of the world was changed for the better.

    A few years ago while with the First Infantry Division Band, we did a joint gig in Berlin with the NYPD Pipes and Drums. The highlight was an arrangement of Amazing Grace with Taps intertwined in the melody. It was a dedication to the 9/11 NYPD and NYFD.

    I have also had the honor of playing for 4 different Presidents on 10 different occassions.
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    Re: Your Coolest Playing Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by ALLCHOPS View Post
    The first group, The Blues Other Brothers was a blast! 4-5 trumpets and everything was arranged with Chase in mind!

    The second, The Burners UK was a highly successful party band that does mainly local stuff w/some high end corporate travel as well.... 2 Inagural Balls and The Replublican National Convention in Philly...

    Tony G
    For me, playing at the Wichita & Detroit/Montreux Jazz festivals with the USAF Falconaires Jazz Ens. were definitely highlights, but I have to say that the coolest playing experience is when I get to play with a Tejano group from Texas called the Latin Breed. I'm sure most on this site have probably never heard of this band who's been around for many years. They are sort of the Tower of Power of Tejano music. Five horns, not necessarily a lot of high burn'n trumpet stuff, but really cool & tight ensemble playing. When I hear the sound coming back through the monitors, wow! There is nothing like it, unless you get to play with T.O.P. And I'm sure this is as close as I will get. But what a feeling!

    Hey Tony, used to go and listen to you guys when you came through Colorado Springs. Great band & great playing! As a matter
    of fact, my buddy Marty Sarlette (sax man) named his kid after you!
    No kidding! Ran into Tex a number of years ago a couple of times at the IAJE and I believe one of the trumpet guilds. Lost contact after awhile, if you keep in contact with him, please tell him I said hello.
    Rick Peron

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