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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Your First Dent in the General forums; lol...
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    You heard it here 1st, in what ever u do if u buy the ticket u take the ride!
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    I dented my brand new '71 Olds Studio in an act of pure teenage ego (Hey, I'm a trumpet player, I'm allowed ). We were performing at a pep rally and I had a solo that I liked to end with a high G (drove the ladies wild ) Somewhere in the middle of the solo all intelligence drained from my body and I decided to hold out that G for as long as I could. You guessed it, I woke up on top of my horn, which now sported a decidedly oval bell that to this day points slightly to the right when viewed from playing position.
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    Welp, my first dent was in a practice room at St. Olaf College. I had just been told that I needed to change my embouchure. And then while practicing, my mouthpiece slipped out of my had and hit the bell. I just about cried...what a day!

    Second dent...not my fault. I asked a fellow trumpet player to hold my Strad right before a concert. He decided to hold it by the mouthpiece. Unfortunately, it wasn't an integral mouthpiece, and the horn released itself. Landed right on the bell and gave a nice spiral twist to the whole thing. I didn't freak out. I just quietly left and spent some alone time with my horn.


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    ok, here it goes...quite frankly i have no idea when i got my first dent, but there is one that i remember very vividly because i had never seen anything like it before. It was durring a fifth grade band rehearsal. I had just started off playing on a Holton "God only knows what series" horn(eh...nothin much). But, we went to put our horns up and i hit the stand and dented the rim (not too rare). But thats not all. Immediatly after i hit the stand, it slipped from my grasp and fell to the floor, thus twisting my bell into a seemingly metal death trap and jamming the first valve slide. I played on that thing up untill my freshman year of high school when i got my Getzen 700SP. (which doesnt have a dent on it)

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