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Trumpet Discussion Discuss YOUR Top Ten in the General forums; Originally Posted by MUSICandCHARACTER I guess therein lies a debate: What is a student horn? Price I suppose could be ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MUSICandCHARACTER
    I guess therein lies a debate: What is a student horn?

    Price I suppose could be a criteria. But if that is the case some student horns would well outplay many professional horns.

    I figured they are horns marketed and aimed a students, usually the lowest price (or close to it) horn in a companies line. Before you get to the Guarnerius, you have the ZeuS 250 and 750.

    But that begs the question, is there an intermediate horn? If so, what is it for? Is it a high priced beginner horn, or a very low priced professional horn? What do you need an intermediate horn for? Marching maybe? That is why I said Bach 300 over the Bach Omega. But then I did the opposite picking the Blessing XL over the Scholastic.

    Oh well, many questions

    Well, I can only talk for myself, but basically, I've used my Omega for everything. When I got it, my parents had the choice between the Omega and the standard run of the mill Strad ( I think the difference was 6 or 700 dollars). The thing that swung us to the Omega was that my parents didn't really know how committed I was to the trumpet. I didn't either. So it seemed a bit more logical to go with the Omega, which still had a very good tone and the excellent Strad valve body considering it's intermediate status. I've played everything from stand trash on Friday night football games, to jazz solos, to concertos, to marching with the Aggie band (I kinda put that in a separate category; long, long story). In my opinion, if a person is unsure if they really want to play the trumpet, want to keep the cost low, but still want a quality horn, the Omega is a great trumpet. In all actuality, it really was my first trumpet after moving up from my ambassador cornet.

    Oh, and pro horns, lessee....
    Kanstul 1500 (which I intend to purchase this summer)
    Conn V1
    Bach Strad (37)
    Yamaha Xeno
    Schilke S32

    Beginner horns?Hmm...
    Bach Omega (like you couldn't see THAT one coming)
    Olds Ambassador
    Holton T602 (this one is pushing it, but I think it fits)
    Bach TS300
    and that's all I can think of right now.
    Michael Smith
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    Kanstul 1537/ Schilke 14
    LA Olds Studio

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    I suppose the Olds Recording would go into the Pro models? It's to this day one of the very finest trumpets I've ever played, from an amateur perspective. When I was at school (a looooong time ago!), my then teacher, Clifford Haines, loaned me his for a couple of years. Absolutely fabulous instrument, free blowing, fine intonation across the register. Whether it's up there with the best depends on individual taste, but it suited me fine!

    As for a top ten, not sure I've played 10 models for a sufficiently long periond of time to make a reasoned judgement!


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    The favourite pro horns I have played: (no particular order)
    Schilke B1
    Taylor Chicago
    Yamaha 6335HS2

    Student/Intermediate models:
    Yamaha 2335
    Yamaha 4335GS

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    Bb trumpets only:

    Selmer Paris Concept TT
    Bach 37
    Schilke B1
    Jupiter XO Tribune
    Kanstul Mariachi
    Conn Vintage One
    Yamaha 8310Z
    Stomvi USA
    Martin Handcrafted Committee
    Getzen 3052
    Schilke '60 B1
    Selmer Paris -- '57 #20 K-Modified/
    '03 Concept TT w/ GR66.8B2.8
    '94 Lawler TL cornet w/ Sparx 2B
    Conn Vintage One flugel - GR66FD
    Rocky Mountain Trumpet Fest

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