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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Your trumpets! in the General forums; There are currently 14 guitars, 3 amps and a french horn in my husband's practice room - one of the ...
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    Re: Your trumpets!

    There are currently 14 guitars, 3 amps and a french horn in my husband's practice room - one of the guitars and amps he's babysitting for a friend who's in Europe right now, and one guitar belongs to the Navy, but the rest are his. One he owned before we met, the rest I approved of except one - he sneaked that in under the radar! One I built for him for our 10th anniversary. There are several Strats, but they are all hot-rodded with different pickups, and the hollow and semi-hollows all have a different sound and function. It's easier for trumpet players to use one Bb for everything than it is for guitar players to use one guitar, but since trumpets are so much easier to store and pay for, why not! It's funny, though - I've given him a couple of guitars as gifts, but i've never gotten any trumpets in return...I'm gonna have to fix that!
    Adams A1, satin gold lacquer, 0.55 (and it's twin in clear lacquer)
    Adams F2, gold brass bell 0.55
    Yamaha 8335LA (Navy horn)
    Adams ACB Prologue
    Conn 112B
    NY Bach Mercury
    50's Calicchio
    Marcienkewicz Rembrandt flugel (for sale! Contact Trent Austin for details)
    Schilke P5-4
    French Besson Classic C
    Yamaha 761 Eb/D
    Weril Regium Eb/D (for sale soon)
    vintage Benge pocket trumpet
    Austin Custom Brass mouthpieces

    More news to come!

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    Re: Your trumpets!

    Quote Originally Posted by myhammclan View Post
    hey old lou are you from The Bach Shop,,,?????

    No. I worked for the former owner of the York Band Instrument Co. in his retail store, The Grand Rapids Musical Instrument Exchange in Grand Rapids, Mi.. The owners name was Alfred J. 'Bill' Johnson.

    Couturier trumpet
    York Wizard by Couturier cornet
    York Master Model trumpet
    York Elite trumpet
    York Airflow cornet
    Conn Concert Grand Cornet
    King Liberty trumpet
    Reynolds Professional cornet
    Bohm & Meinl professional trumpet
    Conn New World Symphony trumpet
    Olds Special cornet Los Angeles
    B&H Sovereign cornet
    G.R.Band Instr. cornet
    Getzen Super Deluxe trumpet and cornet
    Getzen Deluxe trumpet and cornet
    Many others no room to list

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    Re: Your trumpets!

    Quote Originally Posted by myhammclan View Post
    I cant believe how kids handle there horns,,,,I was at a football game at the high school one night and the band came by where we were standing, (I was with the fire dept then) and they stopped before going on the field,,,,one of the trombone players handed her horn to another band member he took the horn for just a min., and then said he didn't want to hold it anymore,,,so she just told him to drop it,,,,and he did!!!! I almost passed out,,,,we was on a gravel road that goes around the stadium,,,,and he just let go of it and let it fall to the ground,,,,and didn't care,,,,,,I told him to pick it up, and he said why its not mine,,,,,,I was in shock,,,,,I told him that you dont treat a horn like that,,,if its your's or not,,,,,,I used to carry my Yamaha 747 (or thats what i think that horn was,,,,,one thing I really wish I had never sold,,,,,) in a cloth diaper,,,,unless I was on stage or in a show,,,,,I fell one day and broke my lead pipe and I almost cried,,,,I was very upset that I had hurt my horn,,,,kids today just dont get it,,,,,im teaching my son to take care of his horn,,,he's in beginning band and he got a small dent in it, because a kid next to him bumped into it,, I told him stuff happens, but u have to be careful,,,
    I hear you. I went from third grade through college with a Pan American trombone. After college I had a new finish put on it and gave it to a poor kid to start in band. It never had the slightest dent,ping or scratch in that horn. It didn't even have finish loss at the hand contact points. The only reason I had it refinished was that the lacquer was getting a bit darker. The Conn luster finish was remarkable. I don't think anyone has a finish as good as that stuff. My horn would have been built about 1949 or 50.
    But what you are seeing from school kids now is a wave of absolute terror or bewilderment. It is not possible to understand what the heck is going on with a lot of these kids. I do, however, know what will fix most of them but if I express it a whole lot of people will think I am a very bad person.

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