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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Youtube Channel in the General forums; Originally Posted by jwmrks I hate it when you people post these things! I think I'm getting along pretty good ...
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    Re: Youtube Channel

    Quote Originally Posted by jwmrks View Post
    I hate it when you people post these things! I think I'm getting along pretty good with my own learning curve, then one of you, especially you youngsters, has to go and show off reminding me how crummy I really am. I'm having enough trouble knowing that even now I still have trouble with high C (which according to the internet I should have been able to play since high school many, many, many years ago ) when you kids come along with your fancy playin and all that.

    Maybe I need to go out and buy a new horn that will impress people based on my signature? ( I wonder if I just found the origin of my N+1 virus?)

    (Seriously though, that was cool )
    You only need to get the same horn the OP is playing.
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    Re: Youtube Channel

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    Hi Matthew,

    well, let's examine the situation: When we play pure acoustically, the bell actually lets some sound pass through, so we have a very "immediate" feedback. If we record our sound, feed it into the mix with other recorded voices there is a factor called latency that delays what we hear. How much it is delayed is a function of the analog digital converter, computer processing and the software used to record. When we do multitrack recording, most computers need time to put the signal together. The delay is not "seconds", but it is enough to disturb an automated process like breathing or articulation. Add to that, the delay of hearing something and responding to it and you have an idea about what is going on. Having one ear on "immediate" helps one stay more in sync with the instrument.

    Yes, we have to practice multitracking. That does not mean that we hear the mix worse, it means that we practice until we get the hang of it (for some one ear is better than the other). For professional recording, click tracks are used. This is a "metronome" track and is a very good way to have something absolute to play to. Behind the click track there is usually some kind of mix to orientate.

    You basically hit the nail on the head with the expression "play along". Serious recording does not mean "play along" rather create at the same time.
    I'm wore out from reading all those techie posts.
    Now I need nap
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    Re: Youtube Channel

    Rufflicks, oh my word! You've got some ears! I really had to listen to pick up on some of the spots you mentioned. To be quite honest, before I post a video, I typically can hear most stuff that is not right. Fuzzy attacks, intonation that is not quite perfect, etc. I just really try to not get bogged down in redoing things (probably a bad thing). I think I may need to try that Arban's exercise. Nowadays I warm-up on flow studies, and then jump right into whatever my next youtube project is. But yea, I do need to hear notes better. I think sometimes I rely on head knowledge too much. I know that an A in the staff is going to run sharp, and I play around with the first valve slide without truly hearing where the note is.

    I may need to learn how to start using click tracks. For my multitracks, I have the original soundtrack song playing under me the whole time. It helps me (for the most part) to stay in time, and I feed off it musically as well. Once all the parts are in, I simply just take out the soundtrack. Oh, and I would love to say that I did all the JP videos in one take, but alas, it isn't true. I try to not turn pages of music on camera, so sometimes I divide up videos to take that into account, and other times I simply need all the energy I can muster for certain sections. The original songs has all these different melodies divided up among different instrumental sections, or just give them to the strings who can play all day without stopping, so it just isn't practical for me to blow through entire songs in one shot. Right now I'm working on a multitrack of "Drink Up Me Hearties: Yo Ho" from "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" and there is no way I can go from a majestic, loud, accented section straight into the "He's a Pirate" theme with only an 8th note rest in between

    Thanks for the advice overall! As much as I don't like to hear criticism, I need to hear it. On one of my videos that I didn't particularly like, I got a notification that there was a new comment: it started out "to be honest..." and I thought I was finally going to have someone tell it like it is, but then the rest of the comment was "you are one of the best trumpet players out there."

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    Re: Youtube Channel

    First, thank you for the compliment on my ears several people I know think they are too big including my wife.

    I truly think as an exercise, and not necessarily something you post, you should do a project that you critically analyze and re-track anything that is questionable. It will make you a better producer and player. It will also get your ears going. You will learn a great deal from this process.

    If you learn what is wrong and how to correct it you are developing a skill that could be parlayed into producing other peoples projects. Great ears and an understanding of how to put things together to form a great product are skills that will serve you well.

    Practicing basics is never the “fun” part of playing but if you take it as a challenge to be perfect while doing it you will become a better player. Always keep a balance between developing skills and applying them. I love what you are doing it is fantastic.

    Developing your own music is key in today’s music scene. Innovating things that exist is absolutely a great way to do this. Becoming better and better will open possibilities in the future. Consider that it is easy for musicians in different parts of the world to share sound files to collaborate and create a project in their own studio at home…endless possibilities are available.

    Keep working on it you will get this down.



    Remember this is supposed to be fun.

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