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Jazz / Commercial Discuss combo in the General forums; Get the Bb Real Book The Real Book (B Flat, Sixth edition) . It's got the melody and the changes. ...
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    Re: combo

    Get the Bb Real Book The Real Book (B Flat, Sixth edition). It's got the melody and the changes. You should have it anyway. Now that Spotify is in the US and you can collaborate playlist with your friends I use it for practicing with at home. I compiled the following Spotify playlist from the list of standards in Aebersold's Vol 1. Most of these are in the Real book.

    Blues Lines - Jazz Blue Lines
    azz Ballads - Jazz Ballads
    azz Waltzes - Jazz Waltzes
    ambas/Bossa Novas - Sambas, Bossa Novas
    ome Standards -Jazz Standards

    hat I've been working on for our Friday jams - Friday's Jam List

    started with Freddie Freeloader, Killer Joe(I put it on wikifonia), Satin Doll, Song For My Father, Misty, Blue Monk, All Blues. Pretty much anything that wasn't too notey and medium paced. Jamming is great and glad to hear you're doing it. It's nice to hear you've got a clarinet in there as well.
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    Re: combo

    Quote Originally Posted by jonathansedlacek View Post
    ...[snip]... does anybody know of some good, intermediate combo charts that we could play?
    See if you can find any of the "Combo Orks". They are books, often of 10 -15 tunes written for 3 voices in Bb, same 3 voices in Eb & a combination of melody, bass clef & rhythm in C.

    You would only need a Bb for your horns & C book for rhythm. They often appear on eBay & can sometimes be found as a free download.

    Be aware though, they are older arrangements from many years ago.

    There is also a series, most often arranged by Frank Mantooth. Similar in that there are 3 voices in each key. Often harmonized melody or melody & counterpoint, then an open section for solos. They do, however, provide separate keys, bass & guitar parts.

    Good luck & have fun

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    Re: combo

    Good heavens, do they still publish the Combo Orks series? My dad, brother and I would sit down and read thru a pile of those 2 nights a week in the early 60's. Great sight-reading practice, and a useful way to learn a lot of old standards; back then they were new standards....
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