Four new transcriptions on site...three from last Christmas (mmm theme
transcribing) and a miscellaneous Don Fagerquist solo:

Louis Armstrong's trumpet solo on "Cool Yule" (PDF/38KB)
From the Louis Armstrong recording "What a Wonderful Christmas".

Don Fagerquist's trumpet solo on "You're Driving Me Crazy" (PDF/41KB)
From the Helen Carr recording "The Complete Bethlehem Recordings".

Freddie Hubbard's trumpet solo on "What Child Is This" (PDF/48KB)
From the Ray Charles recording "The Spirit of Christmas".

Harry Edison's trumpet solo on "Happy Holidays/Holiday Season" (PDF/48KB)
From the Manhattan Transfer recording "The Christmas Album".

Acrobat reader required. All available for the moment at this location:

..and later linked to elsewhere on the site.

Comments/corrections welcome.