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Mouthpieces / Mutes / Other Discuss Gold Vs Silver Mouthpiece in the Equipment forums; Hey Guys, I had a quick question I wanted to get your opinion on. I currently play with a Schilke ...
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    Gold Vs Silver Mouthpiece

    Hey Guys,

    I had a quick question I wanted to get your opinion on. I currently play with a Schilke size 11 silver mouthpiece. I've heard from various sources that playing with a gold mouthpiece offers a difference in sound. I was just wondering if any of you could share what benefits, if any, there are to playing with a gold mouthpiece. thanks!


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    Re: Gold Vs Silver Mouthpiece

    Gold has a softer feel, and is great if you have a nickel allergy.

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    Re: Gold Vs Silver Mouthpiece

    There will be no difference in sound, only feel.
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    Re: Gold Vs Silver Mouthpiece

    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Bell View Post
    There will be no difference in sound, only feel.


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    Re: Gold Vs Silver Mouthpiece

    Slippery, smooth, warm feel - NO variation in sound.

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    Re: Gold Vs Silver Mouthpiece

    Less "grip" with gold. I have a Schilke 14A4 that I use as my main mouthpiece for playing in the party band and I made the error of having the rim and bowl gold plated by a brass tech friend of mine with an electro-plating kit. I actually needed the grip the silver provided to keep my chops in place so they didn't slide around and into the cup. I carefully buffed off the gold through a combination of light buffing on a buffing wheel and some elbow grease with Brasso, so now the rim looks plated from the outside, but the surface area of the rim is back down to silver with the bowl still being gold.

    Maybe for a legit type mouthpiece, but for me, for a lead piece, I'll stick to silver.
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