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Horns Discuss Barrington Trumpets in the Equipment forums; Two part question: Does anyone know who makes Barrington trumpets? I haven't been able to find a corporate website, just ...
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    Barrington Trumpets

    Two part question: Does anyone know who makes Barrington trumpets? I haven't been able to find a corporate website, just folks looking to sell them.

    Has anyone had any experience with a Barrington trumpet?


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    Re: Barrington Trumpets

    Made in Taiwan,a really good inexpensive horn.

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    Re: Barrington Trumpets

    I've had one for almost a year and think it is a fine horn for the money. You can see my reviews in WWBW Barrington trumpet listings. I have the Rose Brass model and have used it as my main horn in the KCB Kalamazoo Concert Band which I have been in for 37 yrs.The Barrington is well built and has had no significant issues. I was fortunate to run across some they had in the Clearance section at the time for an extremely low price. I have recently fixed up the valves on my Besson, so I am using that often also. Has a lovely sound.
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    Re: Barrington Trumpets

    I have a Barrington flugel, it's great for what I paid. The intonation is fairly solid considering typical flugel intonation issues. Valves have stained up considerably but are still smooth. The casings are very roughly honed but have never been a problem for me. I have been using Ultra Pure oils on the horn. The oil keeps the horn clean and working great.

    The flugel has a great finish and clean solder joints, a rose brass bell. The only thing I replaced was the case, very cheap.

    I bought this flugel as a trial for flugelhorn, I have since acquired an old D.E.G. flugel and the sound is night and day. The DEG is much more fluid and smooth. You may want to buy a different mouthpiece.

    For the price of the Barrington it's not such a risk so... try it out.
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