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Horns Discuss F. Schmidt Trumpets in the Equipment forums; Hi All, I'm a "comeback player" and have found an F. Schmidt 37s very reasonably priced (about 4 years old). ...
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    F. Schmidt Trumpets

    Hi All, I'm a "comeback player" and have found an F. Schmidt 37s very reasonably priced (about 4 years old). I cant find any info on these horns and would appreciate any help. I have a 1968 Reynolds horn (not a medalist) I bought new and played for 20 years and would like to upgrade. Thanks for any help and suggestions as to what other intermediate or pro horns are good choices. Thanks for your help!

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    Re: F. Schmidt Trumpets

    Information about F. Schmidt Music Instruments please refer to the following web links:

    Coming Soon

    F. Schmidt @ Brook Mays Musical Instruments

    I've never owned an F. Schmidt brass instrument, so I can't comment on the quality of the products. Maybe others on this forum have played F. Schmidt instruments or know someone who has?

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    Re: F. Schmidt Trumpets

    I have had one for a few years and I love it. I have played on a schmidt 37s and a bach and I prefer the schmidt

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    Re: F. Schmidt Trumpets

    I have a F Schmidt flugelhorn that I am very happy with. I played their trumpets while I was checking out the flugel. They are a Bach copy and play very similar.

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    Re: F. Schmidt Trumpets

    I've recently bought an F Schmidt marching trumpet in silver with an upturned bell (Mustang-S). The sound is very open and bright. Somewhat brighter than Bach Strads. Kind of like the sound you hear in Mariachi music. The valves are light and fast. While I do like the playability and efficiency right now, the lack of an F Schmidt website makes me wonder just how long it will be until the valves give out. I think that a reasonably priced intermediate horn that is the F Schmidt should not be as expensive as a used pro-horn. If you want a similar sound but with guaranteed durability from an established company I suggest that you look into Carol Brass, Andreas Eastman Pro-Level trumpets, P. Mauriat, Getzen, Bach, etc. If you get lucky, you can even find a used Schilke B1 at a steal like I did. Good luck!
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