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Horns Discuss ganter flugelhorn in the Equipment forums; Hi, Does anyone have any knowledge concerning ganter flugelhorns? I'm trying to sell one for a friend, but am having ...
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    ganter flugelhorn

    Does anyone have any knowledge concerning ganter flugelhorns? I'm trying to sell one for a friend, but am having difficult time finding info. This horn is about 30 years old, mint condition, barely used, silver plated, 4 valves - rotary, Bb, purchased in Germany. Value? Quality? What might be a fair asking price?

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    Re: ganter flugelhorn

    Quote Originally Posted by tiki View Post
    Value? Quality?
    Yes to both. Welcome to TM, tiki!
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    Re: ganter flugelhorn

    Ganter is one of the "established" rotary brands. Several of his apprentices and artisans went on to start their own businesses.
    I find the Ganter instruments to be among the "lighter" rotary instruments. They are easy to play and switching between them and piston trumpets is pretty easy.

    It is certainly not a collectors item, so how does one determine the fair market value? A decent new Yamaha can be had starting around a grand so the used Ganter needs to be much less than that. I know that Hermann Ganter died last year and am not sure if the company is still alive or building those instruments anymore.
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