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Horns Discuss King Cornet (603?) in the Equipment forums; I'm looking to buy my first trumpet or cornet (I'm originally a woodwind player), and there's a woman in my ...
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    King Cornet (603?)

    I'm looking to buy my first trumpet or cornet (I'm originally a woodwind player), and there's a woman in my area offering a King cornet for $100. It looks in pretty good shape, but she doesn't know much about it, even the model. I believe it to be a 1975-1980 603, from the SN and the pictures she's given me. Is this worth the price, assuming it plays? A friend and I are going to test it this weekend.


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    Re: King Cornet (603?)

    Yes, it is probably worth the money if in good shape and you like the way it plays, etc. If that doesn't work out, check out the Reynolds Medalist cornet I have for sale in the classifieds.
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    Re: King Cornet (603?)

    I think it would be value worth deal for you. If you know about it and think it is good for you then go ahead buy it.
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    Re: King Cornet (603?)

    i have a 604 and i still use it in college. it works fine for now, but i'll eventually replace it. it should be a fine starter horn for you
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