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Horns Discuss Miraphone Trumpets in the Equipment forums; A friend of mine is looking to buy a new Tuba. So we were checking out the Miraphone website and ...
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    Miraphone Trumpets

    A friend of mine is looking to buy a new Tuba. So we were checking out the Miraphone website and what'd ya kow. The make Trumpets and Flugelhorns.

    Has any one had any expierence with either one of these or even seen one?

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    Re: Miraphone Trumpets

    I occasionally play with a guy who has a Miraphone rotary-valve flugelhorn. It's a short, round thing, seemingly more of a kuhlo-horn wrap. The thing is, he hates it, but is too cheap to replace it.
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    Re: Miraphone Trumpets

    I have played and even owned for a time a rotary Bb Miraphone and it was fine. The only reason I let it go was I was able to latch onto a B&S rotary which is much better at least for me.

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    Re: Miraphone Trumpets

    I had a Miraphone rotary valved flugel. It played fine...nothing special, but there was nothing especially wrong with it. I had to let mine go because the posture used to hold the rotary screwed with my arthiritis....


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