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Horns Discuss What is this? in the Equipment forums; Can anybody tell me what is the name of the below instrument in English or German?...
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    What is this?

    Can anybody tell me what is the name of the below instrument in English or German?

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    Re: What is this?

    It is the realisation of a little known "chordal trumpet" invented by one of Bachs less prolific brothers;PDQ Bach. PDQ got fed up with having a plinkyplonky harpsichord, plugging out the continuo part, so he came up with the idea of a "chordal trumpet." It provides a rich sonorous sound, to fill in the harmonies.



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    Re: What is this?

    Don't let that PDQ stuff fool you. (Although there's a good funny listen). The instrument is one of the Tyrolian Many Belled Trumpets_.
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    Re: What is this?

    I would like to think PDQ DID invent this thing. He was some sort of influence on me for many years, always not for the best. The instrument comes up for discussion every so often. I believe it is a reed instrument, which would make it raucous by nature. More practicsl to carry around than an Alpenhorn, though.
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    Re: What is this?

    In German it is called a Schalmei. A Google search of "Schalmeienkapelle" at Google will produce lots of hits. Each bell has a reed, and they are commonly heard during Fasching, which occurs from the 11th of November until Ash Wednesday. They are loud, and not suited for Mozart!
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    Re: What is this?

    Quote Originally Posted by trumpetnick View Post
    Can anybody tell me what is the name of the below instrument in English or German?

    Couple of years ago I was on holiday in Nessebar, Bulgary, and in the old city
    a similar instrument with 4 to 6 bells with 3 valves was for sale.
    It was a reed instrument and it was possible to play chords on it.
    Funny thing.
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    Re: What is this?

    Marco Blaauw's next inevitable phase. Is Ed Harkins onto something with the question, "could the future be Marco?"

    BTW - I'd sure like to have a double-bell trumpet just like his. Even the red lacquer.


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    Re: What is this?

    Wow! A PDQ Bach reference!!!
    I gotta get me one of those cool slogans.....

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