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Horns Discuss William Frank Trumpet in the Equipment forums; Hi everyone, I am a daily reader and infrequent poster. I will be grateful for any information you may share ...
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    William Frank Trumpet

    Hi everyone,
    I am a daily reader and infrequent poster. I will be grateful for any information you may share re: William Frank trumpets.

    I originally learned to play on a William Frank trumpet that was produced in Chicago in 1942. I am very interested in any information about them, particularly from the same period. Even more, is anybody aware of any that are for sale from time to time and in reasonably good condition?

    Thanks for any information you may provide. This group never ceases to amaze me as a body of collective knowledge. Thanks again!

    Dayton, OH USA
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    Re: William Frank Trumpet

    Hi LJH.

    I have only seen one or two on ebay, and don't think they pop up too often. I've wondered about them and would love to here your impressions of the one you have played.

    Also... check your inbox, I sent you a PM.

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    Re: William Frank Trumpet

    There is one on ebaynow Item 120314251521 . I can't get the link transfer to work. Read the copy though. One day to go
    There is quite a bit of info on Horn-u-copia about wm Frank and their stencils.
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    Re: William Frank Trumpet

    Hey Dave; you have tootled a bit on both of my Wm.Frank cornets. They were a well made instrument.

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    Re: William Frank Trumpet

    Hi LJH

    I have one! It's called an American Prep. My Mother bought for me when I was just starting out in the early 50s; it cost $125 new and I still have the receipt. This one was a great starter horn and it still has a great sound. My younger brother used it too. I finally had it totally rebuilt about 20 years ago and keep it in the original case for posterity.

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    Re: William Frank Trumpet

    The VERY little I could find about them on the internet seemed to be favorable. There appears to be a very nice one available out here on Craigslist:


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    Re: William Frank Trumpet

    I have a Willam Frank Biltmore trumpet. It is in fantactic condition. A previous owner had it restored. It has new valves and was relaquered. It is straght as an arrow. Not one dent. I had it compression checked and it tests a pound better than my Model 37 Strad. It plays exceptional.
    The Biltmore was the top of the line trumpet made by Frank. I really can't tell the difference between it and my Strad. I was shocked when I played it the first time.
    I was considering selling it. These trumpets are so little known I could never get what it is worth. I can't decide what to do with it.

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    Re: William Frank Trumpet

    I have a Wm. Frank Classic, age unknown. It's a nice-playing horn, seems to still have some life left in the pistons (hardly perfect compression, but plays well). While it's a nice horn, I've passed the point where it makes sense to accumulate horns simply because they're interesting or a little different. PM me if you're interested in buying one.
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    Re: William Frank Trumpet

    I have a William Frank Trumpet. Not sure what year it is, but it was my father's father's and he played it in high school so it must have been bought in the 40's sometime. Its in pretty good condition, still have the original case.

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