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Vintage Trumpets / Cornets Discuss CASAL Trumpet, Made In Germany in the Equipment forums; Are you able to give me any information or links to a Casal Trumpet? It was clearly engraved, "Made In ...
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    CASAL Trumpet, Made In Germany

    Are you able to give me any information or links to a Casal Trumpet? It was clearly engraved, "Made In Germany". I can take pics of it and attach them here. I have no idea the age of this instrument. It was purchased in the early sixties by a high school student. It looks to me as a fine instrument, but what do I know? It is brass and silver. No dents and the valves operate nicely, too! Is there another area on the trumpet that has a serial number to look up? Thanks!


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    Re: CASAL Trumpet, Made In Germany

    Please post pictures--they'll certainly clear up any doubts - check the bell, mouthpiece receiver and valve casings for a serial if you're having trouble. I just looked up the brand name at Horn-u-copia but didn't find anything - perhaps another forum member could. Your horn could potentially be a stencil by Huttl, Kuhnl, or another German maker, or it could possibly have Czech components...
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    Re: CASAL Trumpet, Made In Germany

    You won't be able to upload pictures directly to this site -- you have to upload them to a picture-hosting site, like PhotoBucket, and paste the img code into your posting here.
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