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Vintage Trumpets / Cornets Discuss Czech Bb/A Cornet in the Equipment forums; Anyone here got those Czech Bb/A Cornets? That are common cornet stencils for Carl Fischer and some French brands? How ...
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    Czech Bb/A Cornet

    Anyone here got those Czech Bb/A Cornets? That are common cornet stencils for Carl Fischer and some French brands?

    How do they play like?
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    Re: Czech Bb/A Cornet

    You will need to be a little more specific - both ethno-geographically and chronologically. CF imported a great many Bohemian, Moravian, Hungarian and Austrian (and after 1918 Czech) cornets, so it is hard to know which you are enquiring about.
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    Re: Czech Bb/A Cornet

    If it is made before Amati Kraslice era. it may be decent.

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