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Introductions and Greetings Discuss Hello, Trumpet Players in the The Green Room - Non Trumpet Related Topics! forums; I am one of you. Live in New Jersey. Play primarily in Europe. But longing to play closer to home! ...
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    Hello, Trumpet Players

    I am one of you. Live in New Jersey. Play primarily in Europe. But longing to play closer to home!

    I run the monthly jam session at Trumpets in Montclair. Join me on the 2nd Thursday of every month...until I take off for Finland and Paris around June 1st.

    I have been playing for 60 years, and I still enjoy it very much. Trumpets interest me endlessly! I loved Jon Faddis and his cohorts the other night at the Blue Note.

    Oh, yes, forgot to say that Wilmer Wise is a life-long friend. And I want to thank Clark Terry for inviting me to the stage Sunday night. I don't think he realized we have a long history together, going back to my Mingus days and the Pre-Bird album.

    Like many of you I still have a large collection of REAL records, and I find them still the best and the most rewarding. I wouldn't care if vinyl came back again! (But I have a new double CD coming out this month.)

    I've made many records, and I tried to sound different on each one. Looking forward to meeting all of you....

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    Re: Hello, Trumpet Players


    Welcome to Trumpet Master! I look forward avidly to reading about your experiences and learning from you.


    Richard Oliver

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    Re: Hello, Trumpet Players


    It's an honor to have you on this forum. I love your clips on YouTube. For someone who's recently found you through the Mingus music can you recommend any solo discs (sorry, LPs ;)) available?


    Trent Austin - the official web site of Boston based trumpet player trent Austin

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    Re: Hello, Trumpet Players

    Welcome to TM! Every new member to the community is an asset! Thanks for joining!
    "A tool good enough to be so used and not too good"
    C.S. Lewis That Hideous Strength

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    Re: Hello, Trumpet Players

    Welcome Ted! Thanks for joining us! Enjoy the site!
    Review TM site rules here

    Post your Favorite Trumpet Link here

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    Re: Hello, Trumpet Players

    Welcome Ted,

    Glad you found us!
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    Re: Hello, Trumpet Players

    Welcome Ted!

    I agree with Trent 100%

    Chuck Willard
    The Willard of Oz

    "Don't be afraid to see what you see."
    Ronald Reagan

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    Re: Hello, Trumpet Players

    Yo Ted!

    Hopped the pond did ya? Keep us informed as to your whereabouts.

    T. Mac

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    Re: Hello, Trumpet Players

    Welcome Ted, Enjoy the site
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    Brandon Loos

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