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Introductions and Greetings Discuss Hello trumpetmasters in the The Green Room - Non Trumpet Related Topics! forums; I'm ollie in crestline ca mom and dad bought me a conn director back in 5th grade 1960 still have ...
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    Hello trumpetmasters

    I'm ollie in crestline ca mom and dad bought me a conn director back in 5th grade 1960 still have it and try to play it daily... have met Greg Adams a few times and saw his new band east bay soul! what a treat.. Thank you very much for letting me be a part of this wonderful site...don't post much but love to read a lot..

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    Re: Hello trumpetmasters

    Welcome Ollie,now time to practice. Take care

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    Re: Hello trumpetmasters

    Welcome to TM, enjoy your stay.

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    Re: Hello trumpetmasters

    Welcome to TM - 2011 will be full of positive info here at TM.
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    Re: Hello trumpetmasters

    Hi Ollie your story sounds alot like mine including the type of horn.Im just getting back into this thing my self. Good luck to ya.

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    Re: Hello trumpetmasters

    Hmmmm, interesting that the "Banned One" Ollie is still getting posts ....

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