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Introductions and Greetings Discuss New Guy from Houston in the The Green Room - Non Trumpet Related Topics! forums; Hey everybody! My name is Marco and Iím a fellow band geek from Houston, Texas. A little bio / introduction ...
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    New Guy from Houston

    Hey everybody! My name is Marco and Iím a fellow band geek from Houston, Texas. A little bio / introduction of myself,

    Iíve been playing on a Bb trumpet for 6 years now (I play on a Strad with a 1 1/2 C mouthpiece). Iíve made the Texas All State band once now, and I plan on making it again this year. Through my Junior High years, I played Concert Etude by Alexander Goedicke (7th grade), and the first movement of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto. I also placed 1st chair in both Region Band and Orchestra in my ďareaĒ in the 8th grade.

    My freshmen year in high school, I began marching band (going on my 4th year now! Woohoo!) And played the third movement of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto. My Sophomore year, I made the Area Band / Orchestra in Region Band Competition. I also played the first movement of the Hummel Concerto. This year (Junior year) Iíve made the Texas All State band (amazing experience), and am going through the Variations in the back of the Arbans Book (along with some other music). I have just finished learning the whole Carnival of Venice (I love that last movement!) and am now studying the variation after that.

    I plan on attending Texas A&M University and majoring in engineering (I still want to play trumpet in the side, though!).

    I have a question; Do you think that someone with my experience / age could play at gigs such as weddings / churches? Iíve been giving it some real though lately, and I would want to play at gigs as a summer thing so I can earn some money. I know there are some people on this forum that play at gigs, and I was wondering how you all started out?


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    Re: New Guy from Houston

    Welcome to TrumpetMaster Marco!

    I was playing professionally at 16, so yes, I think you can.

    Enjoy your stay here.
    Chuck Willard
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    Re: New Guy from Houston

    Very welcome to TM, Marco!

    With your experience on the trumpet,
    of course you can play at weddings!
    The stuff youīve played already is
    harder than that!

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    Re: New Guy from Houston

    Wecome to TM, enjoy your stay. You can play anywhere as long as someone will hire you.

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