SOLD, a prize. My 1959 K Modified with original everything, right down the little key for the case. Serial #24xxx. Everything looks, and plays like it's near new. Compression is nearly perfect, the leadpipe is baby bottom smooth, the engraving is outstanding, and the lacquer is all original. Valves look brand new, but they're not. First valve trigger works great. The third valve throw is a bit tight, but an easy fix. There's a touch of acid bleed in a couple of joints, but barely noticeable. The case looks like it was manufactured a week ago Thursday.

The sound is incredible, brilliant overtones, slots are nice and tight. Very even scale. I've used this in big band and mostly in brass quintet. Fits literally anywhere. Priced with consideration to the condition. PayPal only, CONUS, add 50 for insured shipping or cash local in Los Angeles. Pics on demand.