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Bb Trumpets Discuss Bach Stradivarius trumpet in the TM Classifieds forums; I am looking for a good used Bach Stradivarius Trumpet for my son, preferably in silver. I am located in ...
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    Bach Stradivarius trumpet

    I am looking for a good used Bach Stradivarius Trumpet for my son, preferably in silver. I am located in Saskatchewan, Canada. My son is in grade 8 and has done wonders on the cheap old Getzen I bought him on eBay, but I would like to get him something better before he gets to high school. I do not know much about the different models, although the 43 and 37 are the ones I am familiar with. I used to have a 43 myself but sadly sold it years ago when money was tighter and I hadn't been playing. I am hoping to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $1200, plus shipping. Thanks.

    Edit: I found a Model 37 in great shape on eBay in my price range. Thanks to all who responded.

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    Re: Bach Stradivarius trumpet

    Please email our shop ([email protected]) as we have some Strads in your price range (USD).


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    Re: Bach Stradivarius trumpet


    I have two Stradivarius for sale in your price range. Let me know if you are still in searching for it....

    Best regards

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