Hi Everyone,

For sale is a Blessing 1984 Olympic Herald trumpet in Bb, complete with original case, original Blessing 7c mouthpiece, original flag, two keys to case. (The 1984 Olympics were in LA)

Photos are underneath. It has barely ever been played, as can be seen from the valves - almost no wear on them! Not even played in. I have personally played this and it is brighter than my Bach Strad 25, with good feedback, even with the bell being quite far away. It projects well across the room too (you'd sort of expect that with a herald trumpet!). The valves are smooth and new, very easy to play, all slides are greased and move easily, with great compression in the valves. This has literally been kept in a case for most of its 33 years, and it looks brand new. The mother-of-pearl inlays in the finger buttons are dirt free. Even the leadpipe spit key is almost unmarked inside (see photo)

The bad stuff: there are extremely small minor marks that show it is not in pristine condition, most of which don't come out on the camera: tiny flecks of lacquer on the bell have come off (you can't see them until your nose is touching the bell), there is a lacquer spot of 6 or 7mm (1/4") on the leadpipe (see photo), and a single dent on the bell from where the previous owner sent it to me packed wrongly and the body of the trumpet bashed against the bell (see photo). Easy to remove. And one of the hexagonal flag holding rings on the bell is everso slightly out of true.

The springs on the case are very good, and the locks fit perfectly. The case is in brilliant condition.

There were only 125 of these herald trumpets ever made, and the serial number (341883) is verified by Blessing. Although these sold originally in 1984 for $525 or so, prices up to $2500 have been heard of. This is a collectors item, and will only ever increase in value. I realise it is not perfect, so the price reflects it's not-quite-mint condition. It is extremely good though.

I will ship all over the world, tracked and insured, but this will be 100 on top of the price of the horn. For your security, I am prepared to arrange payment through my company website, to ensure that you have a protected transaction in case anything goes wrong.

Price 1500