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Bb Trumpets Discuss Harrelson Bravura - in the TM Classifieds forums; Selling this trumpet as it has gotten too heavy for me to use it over long hours of rehearsal. Horn ...
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    Harrelson Bravura -

    Selling this trumpet as it has gotten too heavy for me to use it over long hours of rehearsal.
    Horn sound signature is typical of a heavyweight, dark and mellow when relaxed. When pushed it sounds brilliant and matches that of my peer's xeno / bach37.

    This horn has following make:
    LP 9, Bell 27, .460 Bore. Made in 2008.
    Comes with 2 tuning slide, a semi-round (nice for jazz) and a square (nice centered tones for orchestral stuffs).
    And stock 5C mouthpiece, and a Legends B6LVS
    If you're nice to talk with ill be happy to throw in a set of straight mute and silent mute, these are good ones!!

    Paid some 4k for this...
    Hoping to sell it at USD 2000, I stay in Singapore and think its fair if we split 50-50 on shipping and insurance costs.
    If you reside in Singapore we can discuss in detail..

    Hope to receive some reply here, or if you need more pictures / details, can email [email protected]


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    Re: Harrelson Bravura -

    Can you describe the 27 bell or compare it to a different manufacturers bell, size, taper, etc. Is this horn on?
    I used to have a summit with a 9 LP and 7 bel. I miss it, I like the 9 LP but a 27 bell is not a current bell option with Harrelson and he doesn't recall what it is

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    Re: Harrelson Bravura -

    I can't really describe the bell as I've seriously played less than 5 horns thus far.
    It has a relatively small bore that opens up really quickly towards the bell.
    I can't explain more in its make as I got it off the shelve (ready stocks) from Harrelson's webstore, didn't want to wait for a custom back then.

    Many of my friends have tried this horn and I can generally pictures its characteristics.
    Not free blowing, this horn's resistance is on the high side. It's mellow and dark sounding on small settings. But if enough power is put in it'll start to match up the signatures of somewhat close to an Artisan.

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