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Bb Trumpets Discuss Inderbinen Alpha 100 in the TM Classifieds forums; Repost from eBay board. I am selling my Inderbinen Alpha 100. For photos, price and details see the item on ...
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    Inderbinen Alpha 100

    Repost from eBay board. I am selling my Inderbinen Alpha 100. For photos, price and details see the item on eBay.

    I'm very sad to let this beautiful hand-made trumpet go, but I rarely play it any more.
    I bought it brand new directly from Tommy Inderbinen when I visited the Inderbinen factory in Switzerland.
    This is the Model 100 Alpha, which is the large bore model. This trumpet has a unique tone quality that is best described as silky, there is almost no limit in volume. The instrument remains very stable and robust at all volumes and registers, and the intonation is excellent. It is perfect as a dark solo instrument but I also felt comfortable using it in all kinds of different groups including lead trumpet and other commercial applications.
    The instrument can be tuned from the tuning slide, or from the bell, this allows you to adjust the tone quality to your preference between darker and brighter.
    It has been extremely well cared for and always kept in high quality cases. There is only one tiny ding in the bell (shown in pictures, but you can barely see it) which does not affect the tone or function at all.
    This same model is currently being sold new at a shop in Melbourne for around $8300 AUD.

    I'm happy to organise pickup/dropoff to some locations as I would prefer to not put this trumpet through the post. If it is necessary to post, I will take every precaution to pack it well to avoid damage.

    You can view more details about this instrument on the Inderbinen website: Alpha - Trumpet

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    Re: Inderbinen Alpha 100

    Ask sethoflagos whether he wants a companion for his Inderbinen Alpha C...

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