Hey cats - Iím selling my main axe Iíve been using for about the last year. Itís a fantastic blowing horn - a Jaeger NY model. Plays like a really good Bach 37 IMO. Iíve recently switched to a large bore trumpet, so Iím selling this one. The specs are .459 bore and 5Ē bell. When I first got this horn, I sent it to Charlie Melk to check everything over and put a fixed third valve ring on the horn. He cleaned it and I thought heíd recommend a new leadpipe as I noticed some redrot spots on the leadpipe, but he said it wasnít serious and the horn had many more years of play on it before that became an issue. Asking $675 for this horn which will include shipping within CONUS. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested and want pics. Thanks and all the very best, Lex