Ok cats. Iím selling my Manchester Brass pocket trumpet. This is the nicest pocket trumpet Iíve ever owned. In the past Iíve owned an old Benge from the 70ís, a Carol Heavyweight, a Pocket Max, a Schagerl, an Amati pocket cornet, and a couple of others I canít recall right now. The Manchester is the closest to a full size Bb Iíve played and Iíve used it on quite a few gigs and even some recording sessions around here in NYC in the last several months. Even though Iíve gotten good use out of it, looking at it I see Iíve gotten lucky and there are no dings or anything on the horn. It looks pretty much brand new to me. The valves and slides are great. So the question you might ask is, ĎWhy am I selling it?í Well, Iíve gotten so into the pocket, Iím finally getting enough $$ gigs I can use a pocket on to justify the purchase of a several thousand dollar pocket horn. If youíre unfamiliar with this horn, I recommend reading the reviews at Austin Custom Brass:
Manchester Brass Large Bell Pocket Trumpet in polished lacquer - Austin Custom Brass Web Store and, also, search here on the TH for cats talking about it. Iím asking $475 and will add free shipping within the CONUS. Comes with itís case thatís never been used (I have a pocket gig bag). Email [email protected] if interested and if you want pics. All the best, Lex