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Bb Trumpets Discuss N-100 or so - cornets, trumpets, flugelhorns, horns, etc. in the TM Classifieds forums; Despite my best efforts, I have succumbed to the combined forces of all the stuff nobody ever wants to have ...
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    N-100 or so - cornets, trumpets, flugelhorns, horns, etc.

    Despite my best efforts, I have succumbed to the combined forces of all the stuff nobody ever wants to have happen to them: age, arthritis, accidents, and all the rest. It is no longer pleasant for me to hold or to play an instrument, and this is unlikely to change. So it’s time for me to redirect the vast majority of my modest collection to other collectors. I am holding in reserve a few instruments with sentimental value, the Wild Things for now, and a few others which I expect will be better off in my granddaughter’s hands, but the rest have to go. They range from new or freshly-restored down to junk better suited for display in a replica saloon.

    Terms: I will accept PayPal, but will give you a 2% discount if you pay by personal check, or 3% if you pay by money order or bank official (“Cashier’s”) check. All shipments will be fully insured unless limited by your country. You will be responsible for actual cost of insured shipping, normally USPS, speed depending in part on size and weight of the instrument. Local delivery is possible if you’re in the same area.

    If you are seriously interested in an instrument, PM me. I will respond with a non-negotiable price which will not include shipping, and my best description of condition. If the instrument still interests you, PM me with your e-mail address, and I will send photos. This may take a bit of time, as in addition to my own physical hassles, my wife is beginning about 18 weeks’ worth of chemotherapy, and her very elderly mother is also requiring a substantial amount of my time. I am not able to consider trades, and will not respond to counter-offers. I’m not trying to make a profit except in those very rare cases where I practically stole a horn; I’ll price those somewhat closer to true market value.

    Help me clean out the excess, and I’ll list a bunch of fine cases, mutes, mouthpieces, and music as time permits.


    Amati, Kraslice - B-200P pocket cornet
    Besson & Co., London - Prototype, Chicago Bore (1 gold + heavily engraved, 1 silver)
    Besson, Paris - Desideratum
    Blessing, Elkhart - Artist B-141 - SOLD
    Boosey / Distin, London
    Boston Musical Instruments Company - 3-Star Ne Plus Ultra
    Buescher #2 True-Tone Standard
    Buescher - 400 model 275Grenadier (possibly Ohio BI, or Wm. Frank, or ?)
    Butler, Haymarket, London
    Conn - 12A Coprion
    Conn - 38A Connstellation
    Conn - 80A New Wonder without mechanism
    Courtois, Paris - AC106 Chambord II
    Courtois, Paris - AC107R-1-0 Chenonceaux II (Eb)
    Courtois, Paris - Arban model
    Courtois, Paris - Bandmaster 104
    Courtois, Paris - Koenig’s Model
    Courtois, Paris - Levy’s Model
    E. A. Couturier, La Porte, Ind. - Conical Bore short model
    DEG, Lake Geneva, WI - Signature 2000 Custom Series model 2087
    A. Hall Gisborne, London
    Aug. Heinem (J. W. Jenkins seller) - HP Bb, LP Bb, A, C
    A. Hileron, Paris
    Holton - Model 27 Stratodyne
    Holton - Revelation (not so marked) long model
    Kanstul, Anaheim - H. Passant BHSS (short model)
    M. J. H, Kessels, Tliburg, Netherlands - Sirena #1003 French model
    Olds, Fullerton - Ambassador (1 lacquer, 1 silver)
    Olds, Fullerton - Opera
    Olds, Fullerton - Studio (1st version)
    Olds, Fullerton - Studio (2nd version)
    Olds, L.A. - Military Model
    Olds, L.A. - Recording
    Olds, L.A. - Special (WWII U. S. military issue, not marked as Special)
    Olds, L.A. - Standard
    Olds, L.A. - Super
    Olds, L.A. - Super Recording
    Olds , L.A. - The Olds
    Olds, L.A. -. The Olds Standard
    Revere by Stradolin - short model
    Reynolds, Cleveland - 20-L Contempora
    Reynolds, Fullerton - Emperor
    Reynolds, Fullerton - Medalist short model (= Olds A6ST)
    Roth (OBIC, Cleveland) - short model
    Schenkelaars, Eindhoven
    Selmer, Paris - K-modified
    Unmarked - have 3, all old short models


    Adams, Ittervoort, Netherlands - Custom Series F1
    Boosey, London - Class A
    Boosey, London - Class A Light Valve
    Johann Egeter, Markneukirchen - Kuhlohorn
    Getzen, Elkhorn - Deluxe - slide flugelhorn
    Jupiter (KHS), Taiwan - JFH-846BL
    Phaeton (PJLA Music Sales & Marketing, Barrington, IL) - PHTF-2700 ---SOLD---
    Georg Schuster, Markneukirchen - Kuhlohorn
    Stowasser, Graslitz - rotary valves


    Concord - natural horn (inventions horn - crooks for F, E, Eb, D, C, C#, B, Bb basso)
    Conn, Elkhart - 4E Mellophone - F, Eb, D, C
    E. F. Durand (JinBao?) - WH960B Wagner tuba, compensating double F/Bb
    Olds, Fullerton - O-45 double horn (very like Conn 6D)


    Couesnon, Paris - Eb solo alto, bell-front (AKA alto flugelhorn because of wrap similarity)
    Dynasty (DEG), Lake Geneva, WI - 450 Bb marching baritone
    Getzen, Elkhorn - 300 series Frumpet - Eb/F
    Rexcraft - M1892 field trumpet - G/F


    Mahillon, Brussels - Cavalry trombone - Bb and has been modified to a=440


    Boosey, London - Imperial Model, Class A - BBb
    Martin, Elkhart - double bell euphonium
    Martin, Elkhart - Handcraft baritone (= upright euphonium, American-style baritone, etc.)

    TRUMPETS including pockets, piccolos, bass, C, and C/Bb:

    Aubertin, Aubervilliers, France - C/Bb
    Aubertin, Aubervilliers, France - Bb
    Besson, Paris - Meha
    Besson (Kanstul) - Meha
    Besson (Kanstul) - Meha New Generation (Najoom leadpipe)
    Buescher, Elkhart, IN - Aristocrat 205
    Calicchio, Tulsa - R32, ML
    Calicchio, Tulsa OK and Canby OR - Copper Solo Ultra 3/9, one-of-a-kind special order
    Calicchio, Tulsa, OK - C trumpet, ML
    Calicchio, Tulsa - 1s/2
    Callet, NY (Kanstul-made) - Jazz
    Carol (Hoxon Gakki, Taiwan) - CPT-300LR SLP pocket trumpet - previously misidentified as CTR-300LR SLP
    CarolBrass (Hoxon Gakki, Taiwan) - CPC-7770-YLS-L piccolo trumpet, Bb/A
    Conn, Elkhart - 12B Coprion
    Conn, Japan + Benge, L.A. - Dizzy-style hybrid, Japanese Director body, Benge bell)
    Courtois, Paris - ACEV4B-3 Evolution 4
    Courtois, Paris - Balanced Model
    Courtois, Paris - Grand SiŔcle 216L - C with extra slides for Bb
    Bobby DeNicola, Murrells Inlet, SC - PujÚ
    Dillon Music - DMB-Pocket pocket trumpet
    Holton, Elkhorn - Llewellyn
    Holton, Elkhorn - Revelation (not marked as such) - have 3
    Holton, Elkhorn - Model 49 Stratodyne
    Holton, Elkhorn - 51-LB
    Holton, Elkhorn - T-180 bass - Bb
    Imperial Creations, Clearwater FL - Imperial pocket trumpet (Mel Broiles’s vacation horn)
    Indiana, Elkhart - Troubador (very similar to Martin Troubador; a peashooter)
    Marcinkiewicz, Canby, OR - Rembrandt 3X, ML, 5 leadpipe
    W. Nirschl, Geretsreid - B-300 SP
    Ogilbee, Austin, TX - Thumpet
    Olds, Fullerton - Ambassador (have 2)
    Olds, Fullerton - Ambassador badly modified by amateur
    Olds, L.A. - Ambassador
    Olds, L.A. - French Model
    Olds, L.A. - Military Model
    Olds, L.A. - Symphony, SYM bore
    Olds, Fullerton - Recording (have 2)
    Olds, Fullerton - Studio
    Olds, L.A. - Super
    Olds, L.A. - Super Recording (have 2, 1 very early, 1 late - THE LATE ONE HAS BEEN SOLD)
    Olds, L.A. - The Olds
    Olds, Fullerton - Paul Ayick OCP hybrid (Ambassador valve body, 5-1/8” Conn bell, Pilczuk leadpipe, finish by Andersons)
    Reynolds, Clevaland - 40-S Contempora “Leonard Smith Model”
    Reynolds, Cleveland - M2 (WWII U.S. military issue)
    Reynolds, Fullerton - Medalist (have 2)
    Selman (Jin-Bao) Model 1400N bass trumpet
    Selmer, Paris - K-modified 24B (have 2)
    Selmer, Paris - Radial - Bb - SOLD
    Selmer, Paris - Radial C/Bb
    Unmarked - natural trumpet in high F (a=415)
    Unmarked - Orchestral F trumpet (have Eb or D crook, have to test to see which; the other is missing)
    Vintage Olds and Reynolds and Selmers, yes sir, yes sir, two gazoos full.

    Aubertins, Bessons, Calicchios, Courtois, Wild Things, Marcinkiewicz, Ogilbee Thumpet, DeNicola Puje, Kanstuls, etc.

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    Re: N-100 or so - cornets, trumpets, flugelhorns, horns, etc. theres a list to drool over!
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    Lots of old horns...some Bachs, Some conns, A Getzen or two...
    The music is in the player, not the horn. Find the sound in yourself first.

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    Re: N-100 or so - cornets, trumpets, flugelhorns, horns, etc.

    Sent you a message

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