Schilke 50th Anniversary Model B1.

Only 50 were made in 2006 for world-wide sale. This trumpet is gold-plated and HAND engraved by Jason DuMars (original factory engraving) and comes with all original accessories: Custom 50th Anniversary Gladstone-style hard case, Schilke custom engraved gold-plated Model 17 mouthpiece, two sets of valve buttons, trumpet bag, Certificate of Authenticity. I bought this trumpet for my collection but now is time to sell something. The gold plating is in very good condition(little miss only on the leadpipe near valves), no dings or dents or scratches. Excellent and very fast valves, all slides free. The serial number is 33 (of 50) and with the instrument comes original Schilke warranty life certificate for mechanical or material problems if needed. If you would like to see high resolution pictures of this trumpet, or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. Trade possible too. FANTASTIC TRUMPET AND COLLECTORS ITEM!!!!

PRICE: 4600$ included shipping