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Bb Trumpets Discuss WTB: Pocket trumpet/pocket cornet in the TM Classifieds forums; HI, Anyone selling a high quality pocket? Thanks....
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    Question WTB: Pocket trumpet/pocket cornet


    Anyone selling a high quality pocket?


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    Re: WTB: Pocket trumpet/pocket cornet

    I have a 1969 Olds Ambassador Cornet that is built like a tank with decent cosmetics but a great player that I rarely play and would let go very cheap.

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    Re: WTB: Pocket trumpet/pocket cornet

    I just posted a Jupiter pocket trumpet at (WTS: Jupiter Pocket Trumpet)

    I don't know if that is high enough quality for your interests, but it is definitely better than many available. It is generally considered a middle range pocket in terms of quality and price. Take a look and let me know if you are interested. Good luck!

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    Re: WTB: Pocket trumpet/pocket cornet

    Hi, I have a like-new Carol Pocket trumpet in silver. I bought it a few months back as a beginner. And as a beginner, I do not play it enough. I planned to leave it in my car, but it looks much too nice to leave in my car. I played it fewer than a dozen times.

    The trumpet is in Dallas, Texas.

    Price is $500 plus shipping. I believe these silver plated Carol pocket trumpets sell for $650.

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