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Bb Trumpets Discuss WTB: Pocket trumpet/pocket cornet in the TM Classifieds forums; HI, Anyone selling a high quality pocket? Thanks....
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    Question WTB: Pocket trumpet/pocket cornet


    Anyone selling a high quality pocket?


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    Re: WTB: Pocket trumpet/pocket cornet

    I have a 1969 Olds Ambassador Cornet that is built like a tank with decent cosmetics but a great player that I rarely play and would let go very cheap.

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    Re: WTB: Pocket trumpet/pocket cornet

    I just posted a Jupiter pocket trumpet at (WTS: Jupiter Pocket Trumpet)

    I don't know if that is high enough quality for your interests, but it is definitely better than many available. It is generally considered a middle range pocket in terms of quality and price. Take a look and let me know if you are interested. Good luck!

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    Re: WTB: Pocket trumpet/pocket cornet

    Hi, I have a like-new Carol Pocket trumpet in silver. I bought it a few months back as a beginner. And as a beginner, I do not play it enough. I planned to leave it in my car, but it looks much too nice to leave in my car. I played it fewer than a dozen times.

    The trumpet is in Dallas, Texas.

    Price is $500 plus shipping. I believe these silver plated Carol pocket trumpets sell for $650.

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    Re: WTB: Pocket trumpet/pocket cornet

    Hi, I am interested in your silver Carol pocket trumpet if it has the large bell and if you don't mind posting it to Australia at my cost. If you are willing please get me the best postage price and we can arrange payment.
    Thank you Richard. Email is:

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