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Bb Trumpets Discuss WTS - 1967 Bach Strad 43 in the TM Classifieds forums; (SOLD) Decided to part with my 1967 Bach Strad 43 ML Bb trumpet, (serial number 41xxx). This is somewhat of ...
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    WTS - 1967 Bach Strad 43

    (SOLD)Decided to part with my 1967 Bach Strad 43 ML Bb trumpet, (serial number 41xxx). This is somewhat of a rare bird for that era, and a honey of one at that. I've come across only 2-3 others in the several years I have been into vintage Strads.

    This one's a very nice player, blows freely and with a certain rich sparkle, the classic nature of the 43 bell. Good player-feedback as well. Has this sort of addictive 'singing' quality. If I weren't such a dyed-in-the wool 37 nut, I suppose I'd keep it, but I also have a couple equally nice playing 37's from that era that keep me plenty occupied.

    The horn is in phenomenal mechanical and cosmetic condition. Original lacquer, a few minor mute and miscellaneous pings, a minor lacquer blemish here and there, but nothing of any real consequence, and no repair history. Had thought of sending it to Charlie to have the pings rolled out, but they're really not significant enough to warrant the hassle.

    I have plenty of email-able photos.

    Asking $1425.

    The horn comes without a case or mp and will be properly packaged for shipping. I'll only ship within the continental U.S. via USPS.

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