I thought I would try again to see if anyone has horns for trade. This is a good Getzen Eterna II 1250S Bb trumpet. Here is what Getzen has told me about it:

This model 1250S would be from around 1997 give or take. If you have serial number I can try to date it closer.
It is a .460 medium large bore, 5 1/16 yellow brass bell, with the Reverse leadpipe. In 1997 MSRP was $1536.00.

I am interested in looking at possible trades for this instrument. Mostly, I'm looking for the below horns:

Bach 37 Bb
Bach 72 Bb
Carolbrass Pocket Bb
Shepherd's Crook Cornet

You can PM me or text me Ate 01 Nine 03 Three 219. Thanks!