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Bb Trumpets Discuss Yamaha 6335 in the TM Classifieds forums; Looking to see if there's any interest in this - the valves are in pretty good nick (run on Al ...
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    WTS - Yamaha 6335

    Looking to see if there's any interest in this - the valves are in pretty good nick (run on Al Cass or Ultrapure for the whole life of the instrument), 1st and 3rd slides fine, but 2nd slide has been quite badly dented, but is pulled out a bit, and is pretty much in tune (though slide is stuck)
    Scratches on and in the bell, some lacquer appears to have chipped off on the third valve bottom cap, scratches on the mouthpiece receiver and some small ones on the leadpipe and the tuning slide; and some lacquer chips on first valve casing.
    Corks, springs and felts are fine.
    Dents (apart from large one mentioned above on 2nd valve slide) are numerous (about 10 over the horn), but all very small.
    Original case w/ key could be included (if anyone wants to buy!)

    It's had a hard (short(3-4 years)) life, but it still plays very nicely.

    If there's any interest whatsoever I'll upload photos.

    Dillon's are selling them new for US$1,722.99, so I guess I'd be looking for 1000-1200 or so, but all offers will be considered.

    As I say, if anyone's interested, let me know and I'll upload some photos.


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