Fantastic horn with a serial number which puts it in the early 70's. Absolutely a great first C trumpet or even as a base horn for a custom project.

This horn is a player! I have played this horn everyday through the last 4 years of college and decided it's time for me to make a change. I'm looking to make a change not necessarily because this is a bad horn, but because I am finally in a position to change to something that I think may suit me better. I believe a different horn to be the correct course of action rather than to take on a custom project in my current position.

Valve compression is great
Laquer is about 75%

There are some small dents and small spots wear laquer has worn significantly. The bell also appears to have had some dents taken out by a previous owner.

Pictures are on EBAY. This is not by any means a pretty looking horn, but it is a great sounding horn.

Bach 239 C Trumpet 61XXX Good Condition Early 70's Elkhart | eBay