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C Trumpets Discuss Bach Mt. Vernon Large Bore C Trumpet in the TM Classifieds forums; Up for sale is a Bach Stradivarius Large Bore C Trumpet from the Mount Vernon era. 239 bell, standard 25 ...
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    Bach Mt. Vernon Large Bore C Trumpet

    Up for sale is a Bach Stradivarius Large Bore C Trumpet from the Mount Vernon era. 239 bell, standard 25 Leadpipe. Serial Number 23953.

    Overall condition is excellent for its age. The lacquer is original. This horn was a "closet queen" until 10 years ago when it became a daily player. Cosmetics aside, it is still in excellent playing condition, no major repairs, perhaps a few minor dent repairs when necessary but no damage. There is some lacquer loss at the bell-leadpipe brace closest to the tuning slide which leads me to believe perhaps this brace was resoldered at some point. One tiny dent in the bell, near the 3rd valve. Too small to show up in pictures.

    This horn has excellent compression and all of the slides are very smooth with no "play". The leadpipe is completely clean of any red rot or corrosion, really surprising for a horn this old. The original lacquer is at 80%-90% and is in excellent condition with no flaking and no significant flaws. The serial number is stamped on all of the valves, it has brass valve guides, and it has had a recent Charlie Melk valve alignment. A ring was added to the first valve in such a way as to be minimally invasive. I rather like the ring put on this way, it is a bit different but works very well and is very comfortable.

    How does it play? It is without a doubt the best 239 I have ever played. If you've ever played a Bach Mt. Vernon horn, you'll recognize the sound. This one is open blowing, has a huge warm tone, but is still beautiful in the softest dynamics. No stuffiness/tightness in even the highest range. Intonation and slotting is excellent- it still has all the classic Bach intonation characteristics, but to a less degree than most. (I still used 12 for middle E's and 23 for Eb's for example) This is truly a player's horn, and would be best for symphonic work or large brass ensembles.

    I'm so sure you will like this horn, I'm including a 7 day trial/return period, so bid with confidence. No case or mouthpiece included. If you live near the Bay Area, contact me to come and try it. If not, I ship fast and free. (Return must be in same condition, and you pay for return shipping, with insurance.) Outside Con US shipping can be arranged, but will cost extra.

    email me at [email protected] or text 415-742-4439 for more info.
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    Re: Bach Mt. Vernon Large Bore C Trumpet

    "There are two sides to a trumpeter's personality: there is the one that lives only to lay waste to the woodwinds and strings, leaving them lying blue and lifeless along the swath of destruction that is a trumpeter's fury; then there's the dark side...." --Michael Stewart

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    Re: Bach Mt. Vernon Large Bore C Trumpet

    Oh, sorry, price is $5,999 with free shipping.

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    Re: Bach Mt. Vernon Large Bore C Trumpet

    To anybody looking, this is a fantastic horn. I've gotten my hands on a lot of these, and this one definitely upholds the reputation these horns have developed in recent years.

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