Despite my best efforts, I have succumbed to the combined forces of all the stuff nobody ever wants to have happen to them: age, arthritis, accidents, and all the rest. It is no longer pleasant for me to hold or to play an instrument, and this is unlikely to change. So it’s time for me to redirect the vast majority of my modest collection to other collectors. I am holding in reserve a few instruments with sentimental value, the Wild Things for now, and a few others which I expect will be better off in my granddaughter’s hands, but the rest have to go. They range from new or freshly-restored down to junk better suited for display in a replica saloon.

Terms: I will accept PayPal, but will give you a 2% discount if you pay by personal check, or 3% if you pay by money order or bank official (“Cashier’s”) check. All shipments will be fully insured unless limited by your country. You will be responsible for actual cost of insured shipping, normally USPS, speed depending in part on size and weight of the instrument. Local delivery is possible if you’re in the same area.

If you are seriously interested in an instrument, PM me. I will respond with a non-negotiable price which will not include shipping, and my best description of condition. If the instrument still interests you, PM me with your e-mail address, and I will send photos. This may take a bit of time, as in addition to my own physical hassles, my wife is beginning about 18 weeks’ worth of chemotherapy, and her very elderly mother is also requiring a substantial amount of my time. I am not able to consider trades, and will not respond to counter-offers. I’m not trying to make a profit except in those very rare cases where I practically stole a horn; I’ll price those somewhat closer to true market value.

Help me clean out the excess, and I’ll list a bunch of fine cases, mutes, mouthpieces, and music as time permits.

C or C/Bb trumpets

Aubertin, Aubervilliers, France - C/Bb
Calicchio, Tulsa, OK - C trumpet, ML
Courtois, Paris - Grand Siècle 216L - C with extra slides for Bb
Selmer, Paris - Radial C/Bb