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C Trumpets Discuss Schilke S22CHD C Trumpet in the TM Classifieds forums; This trumpet has been sold...
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    Schilke S22CHD C Trumpet

    This trumpet has been sold
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    Re: Schilke S22CHD C Trumpet

    Welcome to TM, alex.caselman!

    I'm curious about the sound of your Schilke. Does it lack heft or protection or what?
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    Re: Schilke S22CHD C Trumpet

    It has a little more resistance than I would like. I could play soft very easily, but I had to work too hard to play louder dynamics. The horn I replaced it with is much more open. Some people like the resistance, but it tends to hold me back from really letting go on loud passages. In general, it gets a very clear, warm sound, but doesn't cut through a large ensemble as well as I wanted it to. However, I really enjoyed playing it for solo and chamber works.

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