After 40 years away from commercial music, Ted Piercefield, one of the original trumpeters in the '70s Jazz/Rock band known as "CHASE," has returned to bring his incredible sound to today's music world. That sound is NOT dead--it still lives in him, and with your help it's going to emerge again in a powerful way.

To bring this sound to life, Ted has launched a brand new campaign on Indiegogo to raise the funds needed to hire a special caliber of musicians to record his tunes, which, as you know, demand extraordinary trumpeters.

I'm going to namedrop now: Jim Manley, Eric Miyashiro, Kevin Seeley, and a powerful former Maynard Ferguson trumpeter (he has asked that his name not be made public yet), and others have expressed incredible interest in recording Ted's new songs, some of which were actually rehearsed with "CHASE," but had not yet been recorded in a studio.

Click to check out Ted's Indiegogo Campaign, and please help Ted out, 'cause he's been gone for 40 years, and a shrinking number of music lovers have heard of him--YET!!

Of all people and groups in the world, THIS group should lead the way to support the return of our fellow comrade, whom I thought had long fallen. Not only has he NOT fallen, but is about to rise as the Phoenix Bird. This is like a dream come true, and we don't get many of THESE opportunities. Let's make it happen for Ted and for trumpeters everywhere.
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