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  1. eBay: Ending Today: 1960's Conn Promotional Brochure 20pages Famous Artists
  2. eBay: 60's Benge Trumpet Catalog, last day! Selling today on eBay
  3. eBay: Rotary Trumpet
  4. eBay: Benge Los Angeles for sale
  5. eBay: 1951 King Super 20 Symphony Silver Sonic Bb Trumpet
  6. eBay: eBay French Besson up for grabs!
  7. eBay: Selmer Trumpet Custom Trim Kit
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  22. eBay: Blessing L-1 Trumpet
  23. WTS: Selmer 24A Balanced Model
  24. eBay: Buescher True Tone LP 9 Trumpet
  25. eBay: Schilke B6LB tuning bell beryllium bronze - Bill Chase model
  26. eBay: Jupiter C trumpet
  27. eBay: New York Trumpet Company Stage 1 California Light Bb Trumpet for sale
  28. eBay: Martin Committee #3 Extra Large Bore 40's
  29. eBay: Conn 17B Coprion trumpet
  30. eBay: Unique Hand-carved Trumpet Case
  31. eBay: Outlet store super deals
  32. eBay: 1952 York Master Trumpet (Modified Feather Touch)
  33. eBay: Bach Stradivarius model 43 trumpet for sale
  34. eBay: Selling Schilke P5-4 Piccolo, Auction ending soon!
  35. eBay: Listing for my Martin Cornet
  36. eBay: Jupiter Quantum Trumpet
  37. eBay: Amati Piccolo Trumpet
  38. eBay: Eclipse Enigma
  39. eBay: Getzen Eterna II 1250S
  40. eBay: Warburton 4SV/Q
  41. eBay: Custom Satin-Finished King 600 Bb Trumpet
  42. eBay: 1965 Conn 22B Victor
  43. eBay: Taylor Chicago 46 II for sale
  44. eBay: Legends Brass Trumpet Mouthpieces
  45. eBay: Semi-annual clearance sale
  46. eBay: Larson GFT Bb Trumpet
  47. eBay: EBAY: Adams ACB Collaborative Model
  48. eBay: Giardinelli screw-rim mouthpieces trumpet/cornet/fluegel all 3 rim
  49. eBay: 1937 HN White King Liberty Bb Trumpet Silver Plated Brass Original Used Condition
  50. eBay: Bach Mt. Vernon Mercury Model Trumpet
  51. eBay: Tons of goodies for auction on our ACB outlet
  52. eBay: Jupiter 1102 RL
  53. eBay: Selmer CG Claude Gordon #00180 in Silver Plate ALL original SCREAMER!
  54. eBay: Jet-Tone Custom Model DS (Doc Severinsen) 70's 4hrs left!!
  55. eBay: Flip Oakes Wild Thing Shepherd's Crook Cornet
  56. eBay: Bach Strad #37
  57. eBay: E.A. Couturier Conical Cornet (pristine!)
  58. eBay: Yamaha Xeno 8335RGS
  59. eBay: Shop Demo Adams ACB Professional Trumpet in gold lacquer mint
  60. WTS: Legends Brass BROADWAY .625 Inside Diameter
  61. eBay: 1941 Conn 36a Concert Grand Cornet
  62. eBay: Vincent Bach 10 1/2 EW Mouthpiece for sale on eBay
  63. eBay: Trumpet Model GANSCHORN Bb
  64. eBay: Mint Vintage KING Liberty Model Trumpet, Charly Melk serviced with Torpedo case
  65. eBay: YAMAHA YTR-8345RG Silver Xeno Professional Trumpet for sale
  66. eBay: For Sale: Inderbinen Alpha 100
  67. eBay: Courtois b flat Brass Trumpet
  68. eBay: Leblanc trumpet Model 770 - Conrad Gozzo
  69. eBay: 1947 Conn 22b and 60's Olds Super Cornet
  70. eBay: Yamaha YTR-232
  71. eBay: Shop demo Adams a7 Trumpet in antique finish!
  72. WTS: Sales New Apple iPhone 6s 6s Plus Original $500
  73. eBay: Schilke B1L 50th Anniversary 2006 Excellent Just Serviced Professionally Played $1500
  74. WTS: Getzen eterna Severinsen model for sale
  75. eBay: Just listed my 1957 Conn 28A
  76. eBay: Holton Llewellyn 1930
  77. eBay: Reynolds Contempora, earliest known example!
  78. eBay: Besson 10-10 1963, ends tomorrow!
  79. eBay: Jerome Callet Jazz
  80. eBay: Harrelson Bravura
  81. WTB: Reynolds Argenta trumpet
  82. eBay: Just put my 1941 22B on eBay
  83. eBay: Martin Committee , Olds Mendez , Calicchio 1s9 , Besson Meha and more...
  84. eBay: Rare Finds: Trumpets and Cornets - Conn, French Besson, New York Strad, Martin Commit
  85. eBay: Taylor Phatboy Flugel PERFECT CONDITION
  86. eBay: Every Trumpet in the Universe - in one place.
  87. eBay: Hawkes (not Boosey) Flugelhorn from 1890s! (not mine yet)
  88. eBay: Jaeger Diamond
  89. eBay: ACB Semi-Annual blowout sales (tons of goodies up and to be listed this week)
  90. eBay: YTR-8335LA Silver Great Condition
  91. eBay: 1930s E.K. Blessing Artist Model for sale
  92. eBay: Vintage CONN Director Shooting Star Trumpet
  93. eBay: Stage One California Light For Sale
  94. eBay: Keyed Trumpet?
  95. eBay: Claude Gordon newley discovered 78
  96. eBay: Bach Strad, Model 37
  97. eBay: Gorgeous project gone bad
  98. eBay: Courtois Balanced model on eBay
  99. eBay: H.N. White King Liberty Moved to ebay!
  100. WTS: Kanstul 1537 -Bach Strad "copy" but better-like new
  101. eBay: Selmer K-Modified 25X w/Pilczuk leadpipe
  102. eBay: Weirdest Description of a Trumpet Ever?
  103. eBay: Besson Prestige Cornet BE2028-2
  104. eBay: Getzen Eterna Proteus 907S
  105. eBay: 1977 OLDS A6ST Cornet
  106. eBay: New Reeves Sleeves for sale
  107. eBay: Jakob Winter Deluxe case
  108. eBay: Used Warburton Equipment for sale great condition
  109. eBay: 1998 Bach Stradivarius MLV Vindabona 65G (wynton configuration)with custom leadpipe
  110. eBay: Medium bore engraved committee bell
  111. eBay: Yamaha Trumpet YTR-8310Z Bobby Shew Bb MINT w/mint case 2012 Professional
  112. eBay: Keen Price!
  113. eBay: Dizzy Martin Committee On EBAY!
  114. eBay: Bach Bass Trumpet relisted
  115. eBay: Austin Winds Copper Bell Brushed Stage 470LT Professional Bb Trumpet by Kanstul
  116. eBay: New Blessing Trumpets
  117. eBay: 725-L Professional Trumpet by Cannonball
  118. eBay: 1975 Schilke P5-4 Trumpet in silver plate
  119. eBay: Pro Tec PB301CTGX Contoured Trumpet Case - Offers Accepted
  120. eBay: Demo Carol Brass Piccolo Trumpet in lacquer
  121. eBay: Schilke P5-4 - Excellent condition!
  122. eBay: Super Rare *Satin Silver Finish* 1956 Conn 6B Trumpet
  123. eBay: Scherzer Rotarty Bb
  124. eBay: Craigslist in Montana: Olds Super Trombone for sale. ($1100).
  125. eBay: Olds Recording Fans
  126. eBay: Olds Custom Crafted Eb/D, Couesnon Picc, and Bach Bass trumpets for sale.
  127. eBay: 1976 CG Benge Bb Trumpet 151481877370
  128. eBay: Zeus Aegis LB Gold and LA Silver in near perfect condition.
  129. eBay: 1956 Martin Committee project on Shopgoodwill.com
  130. eBay: Yamaha and Bach Trumpets: Improved eBay Selection.
  131. WTS: Martin Committee , Bach Mt Vernon on ebay
  132. eBay: York 'Airflow' cornet
  133. eBay: Steiner Parker Electronic Valve Instrument trumpet + Microcon synthesiser module rare
  134. eBay: Boosey & co Echo Cornet
  135. eBay: 4 horns up on ebay for sale...Getzen, CONN, OLDS
  136. eBay: Custom Project( like Van Laar) trumpet
  137. eBay: Getzen Capri
  138. eBay: Yamaha YTR-9830 Piccolo Trumpet
  139. eBay: New Improved Trumpet Search
  140. eBay: The sketchy Bach strad
  141. eBay: Double Monette Trumpet Case
  142. WTS: Bach TR300 w/ Bach 7C - Good Working Condition
  143. eBay: Monette Prana B12D Cornet Mouthpiece and Monette mouthpiece case
  144. eBay: My almost perfect King Silver Flair outfit.
  145. eBay: Selling some mouthpieces
  146. eBay: For Sale: Bach Megatone 3C, Schilke 6a4a, B&S Gold Plated 5C, Curry Monster Sleeve
  147. eBay: 1957 Mt Vernon
  148. eBay: Meister Erhart Todt Trumpet
  149. eBay: 36B Trumpet For Sale
  150. eBay: Eclipse Enigma Med Red Bb Trumpet, Interchangeable leadpipe. Silver.
  151. eBay: Various Trumpet Goodies
  152. eBay: New Ebay Store
  153. eBay: 16 bell schalmei & Helikon Schalmei
  154. eBay: Bach 239 C Trumpet 61XXX Good Condition Early 70's Elkhart
  155. eBay: GR Bergeron flugel mouthpiece
  156. eBay: 1934 Conn Vocalbell 40B
  157. eBay: Late 1947 CONN 12B * Nicely restored light brush finish / A+ Interior & Valves
  158. eBay: 1947 12B Nice
  159. eBay: 1966 CONN 4B Bass Trumpet-No Reserve
  160. eBay: OLDS A6ST Cornet
  161. eBay: This aughta tell ya sumpthin, lol!
  162. eBay: c. 1969 Conn 8B Lightweight Artist - Bright Silver Plate - Uber Mint - w/5 Conn MPs
  163. eBay: 1954 Mount Vernon Stradivarius Trumpet in Gold Plate
  164. eBay: 1949 New York Bach Medium Bore Stradivarius Trumpet
  165. eBay: Exquisite Eclipse Trumpet in silver plate with gold Trim
  166. eBay: Lacquer Bach Strad 37 for $770
  167. eBay: ACB Mouthpiece Spring Cleaning
  168. WTS: Henri Selmer Paris B♭ trumpet (cornet)
  169. eBay: 8 Bell Schalmei Trumpet
  170. eBay: Sliver Yamaha 5335 Allegro
  171. eBay: Listing my Harrelson / Olds Ambassador modified horn for sale
  172. eBay: Relisted my Bach Stradivarius Trumpet LR190S43B Silver - strad 43 Mariachi horn
  173. eBay: Like New Bach Strad 72 - Starting $1500
  174. eBay: Josh has some nice candy.
  175. eBay: `49 Buescher 400 and `37 FA Reynolds Professional
  176. eBay: Bach 239 C Trumpet 61XXX $1500 OBO
  177. eBay: Kanstul M-B4 P and M-B4L P
  178. eBay: Bach 239 C Trumpet 61XXX
  179. eBay: Something Special - Not Dizzy BUT
  180. eBay: Tom & Will gig bags
  181. eBay: Cannonball 789RL Bb Trumpet - Mad Meg Raw Brass Finish
  182. eBay: Custom Flugel Peli Case for sale!
  183. eBay: Custom Double Brass Peli Case - Trumpet/Cornet + Flugel
  184. eBay: Rare King Trumpet up for a Steal!
  185. eBay: Listed by newish Bach for sale
  186. eBay: mouthpiece lot
  187. eBay: Conn C trumpet 51B
  188. eBay: Conn 60B now on ebay
  189. eBay: Yamaha Custom Eb/D YTR9610
  190. eBay: Connstellation
  191. eBay: Selling my mid-50's Olds Special Cornet
  192. eBay: Gig bgson ebay
  193. eBay: Yamaha Silent Brass SB79 for trumpet
  194. eBay: Bob Malone Bach Strad "Bachalone"
  195. eBay: '65 Getzen Severinsen ML
  196. eBay selling
  197. WTS: L.A. Olds Ambassador: 1950 Closet Queen, with Shop Card!
  198. eBay: Selmer Sigma Bb trumpet
  199. WTS: Yamaha 738; Schilke X3 Clone, in Immaculate Condition
  200. eBay: Vintage Conn 20A Flugelhorn - Minty Fresh!! Auction Ends Sunday Night
  201. WTS: Benge Claude Gordon trumpet
  202. WTS: WTS: 1953 Olds Recording Cornet - L.A. vintage
  203. eBay: B&S
  204. WTS: Not ebay, but I ran across this Olds on CrgList Atlanta area
  205. WTS: Yamaha 8345g Brand new
  206. eBay: Small Straight Mute SHASTOCK -- $139.00
  207. eBay: Buffet Trumpet Globby Relacquer Job
  208. eBay: thoughts on this trumpet for auction ... Kanstul built Besson Meha with Bronze bell--
  209. eBay: 1953 LA Olds Ambassador ... What do you think it is worth? I would like to bid.
  210. WTB: Need Help with this Blessing trumpet PLEASE
  211. eBay: should I buy this? Need advice
  212. eBay: Olds Standard trumpet
  213. eBay: LIDL BRNO Concert Trumpet
  214. eBay: BACH NY 17C2 Cornet Mouthpiece EXCELLENT -- Make Offer!
  215. eBay: This was on eBay for five minutes!
  216. eBay: Gorgeous '59 Late Model Conn 10A!! wish I had the $$$ to bid :(
  217. eBay: Selling a Souvenir--1968 Paris Selmer K-Modified POLISHING CLOTH
  218. eBay: 1965 OLDS AMBASSADOR Trumpet -- OUTSTANDING Condition
  219. eBay: Olds Special trumpet
  220. eBay: GR CORNET MOUTHPIECE "Len Simmons" 66 - 3 and BACH NY 17C2 Cornet Mouthpiece + others
  221. eBay: Conn Connqueror Vocabell Trumpet 48B
  222. eBay: Not Your Everday HARMON MUTES!
  223. eBay: Scored Two Olds Ambassador LAs Today on eBay. Great buys!
  224. eBay: Schalmei trumpet offers
  225. eBay: Early Photoshop Kinda Thing in Selmer Ad?
  226. eBay: bobcat mouthpiece puller... ends at 1pm PST - 11/29/2013
  227. eBay: LA Ambassador Steal of a Deal!
  228. eBay: Used Adams a1 trumpet in gold matte lacquer
  229. eBay: Various items on ebay.
  230. eBay: B&S challenger 3137 G
  231. eBay: Weird german trumpet
  232. WTS: Kanstul 1025 flugelhorn up on Ebay
  233. WTS: Extremely rare 1909 Conn Perfected Wonder trumpet
  234. eBay: B&S WELTKLANG Jazz Trumpet
  235. WTS: Getzen Elkhorn
  236. eBay: Super sales at the ACB outlet page...
  237. eBay: Marcinkiewicz flugel mouthpieces
  238. eBay: For Sale GR e65M trumpet mouthpiece
  239. WTS: Rare Vintage York Master Model Cornet
  240. eBay: Conn Director Trumpet
  241. eBay: Schalmei trumpets
  242. eBay: Ernst Modl ( EMO) Champion trumpet
  243. eBay: Nice Yamaha trumpet I'm selling
  244. test
  245. Conn Director 1971 Trumpet
  246. Several , RARE pro trumpets for sale /trade
  247. Bach Strad CASE (early 90's) With Keys
  248. MArtin Committee Large bore 20% discounted ( Mendez,Radial,etc )
  249. Jupiter Brigadier Bugle for sale
  250. Holton Revelation Llewellyn Model with both original mouthpieces